Reasons to Buy a Mattress Online

Please, note that this guide is for information purpose only and it should not be used to replace any medical advice.

Many of you may be in a dilemma – whether to buy a mattress online or not. For many, it is a difficult decision to buy online without physically being in a store and touching and feeling the actual product. As we live in the time of corona and amazon, not only it is convenient to make a big purchase like a mattress buying, but it is also safer and cheaper. For those, who are still skeptical, let me walk you through the benefits of buying a mattress online.

Benefits of Buying a Mattress Online

Better pricing 

Let’s start with the most obvious factor – Pricing. Generally speaking, online prices for a quality mattress will be much lower than the local stores prices. There are many reasons behind the higher prices for a similar mattress in local stores – higher markups, sales commissions, distribution costs and real estate costs – these are just a few, I can think of. In most cases, a similar online mattress may be up to 60% to 70% cheaper than its local store counterpart. And most online retailers tend to offer various sales and discounts on top of the much lower prices. In my opinion, the cost savings alone will worth a shot for many consumers. Check our best value for Money Mattress – IdleSleep.

Flexibility, Convenience and Corona

In today’s busy and stressful life, where most people cannot work within the bounds of 9AM to 5PM, online shopping brings convenience and ease to purchase goods and services. In some cases, consumers who are introvert, tend to feel more comfortable to interact with technology than with the real people. Moreover, with corona being wide spread in the country, online shopping not only makes it convenient for you, but also it reduces the risk of getting infected with Corona.

Shop without Pressure, Be an Informed Shopper

While many of you may want to try before you buy, you should not forget that you are being observed and influenced by the sales persons while in a local store. The most sales personnel will try to convince you upgrade to a bigger or a more expensive mattress, without considering your real requirements. In most cases, the consumer judgement is overshadowed with the flood of biased information constantly bombarded by sales person. On the other hand, online shopping provides you with the freedom to seek the information you are really looking for, without any sales pressure! So, you can focus on pros and cons to make an informed decision. Whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, you will find plenty of choices online with a ton of information. With our comparison tool, you can easily compare different mattresses. The options are countless.

Better Return Policies and Trial Periods

While visiting a local store, you may think that your mattress purchase is less risky, think again! You can only try a mattress in a local store for a few minutes. And the local stores usually offer a return period of a few weeks, which in most cases, may be insufficient. One of our favorite online retailer insists you to try their mattress, at least for 30 days, as it may take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to your new mattress. On the other hand, the return policies offered online retailers, is way more generous. For example, one of our favorite mattress retailer – idlesleep, offers generous 180 days trial period – one of the best in the industry. The generous trial period makes the online purchase really worry free. This can also be real make or break factor when deciding a particular mattress is right for you, as you may need several nights instead of just a few minutes to decide.  

Better Selection

While some of you may think that you have a better chance of finding a suitable bed if you go to a local store, the truth is the selection is often very limited due to store size, cost of inventory and number of brands a store can carry. And the test models will even be fewer. On the other hand, online shopping will have a ton of various models and selection.

Better Satisfaction Score

Many of you , who favor in store mattress purchases, may think that buying a mattress and testing it out for a few minutes in store will get you a bed that will provide you desired satisfaction, comfort and good night sleep. However, if we were to believe the survey by bestmattress-reviews (study of consumer mattress satisfaction by Best Mattress Reviews), reality is quite different.

See the extract from the survey below:

  1. Innerspring-60% were satisfied when shopping at a showroom. 64% were satisfied when shopping online.
  2. Memory foam- 80% were satisfied when shopping at a showroom. 82% were satisfied when shopping online.
  3. Latex- 65% were satisfied when shopping at a showroom. 84% were satisfied when shopping online.
  4. In closing, I think I have given enough reasons to buy a bed online. If you are still in doubt, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help.