Step-by-step Guide

STEP 1: Conditions checklist

If you are experiencing discomfort every morning when you wake up, it is likely that you need a new bedding system. A bedding system includes a mattress, a supporting base and a good quality pillow. A study suggested that a new bedding system significantly improved the sleep quality and back ache symptoms for the participants with ten years or older bedding systems.1

If you want to know whether you need a new mattress, read this article Signs it’s time for a new mattress.

A firm mattress is commonly believed to be beneficial for low-back pain, although evidence supporting this recommendation is lacking.23

On the contrary, the studies have found that patients with medium-firm mattresses had better outcomes for pain in bed, pain on rising than did patients with firm mattresses.

Our firmness recommendation : Medium-firm mattress

Your options if you have back pain:

  1. Idle Hybrid Mattress with firmness 5-7
  2. The Purple Mattress with firmness 5-7
  3. Nolah Signature 12″ Mattress with firmness 7-8
  4. Nolah Limited Edition 12″ Mattress with firmness 7-8read 

STEP 2: Identify your sleeping style - if you sleep with a partner consider both styles

When you have to pick a bed which makes you comfortable, YOU simply need to know a little about your sleep style, body requirements and also your partner’s  needs.

To make it easy on an average there are major sleep styles-  are Back and stomach sleepers, side and back sleepers.

When you are a Back or stomach Sleeper  a firm mattress will be a  great support to your back , and will give you the most needed spinal alignment. A firm mattress is considered better for tummy sleepers because a more supportive stable surface reduces dip of the lower back. The most important factor for back sleepers is firmness and support. If your mattress is too soft, your body will sink and cause back pain. You will need one that’s soft enough to provide pressure relief but still provides enough support.

Your options for back or stomach sleepers:

  1. Idle Hybrid Mattress with firmness 5-7
  2. The Purple Mattress with firmness 5-7
  3. Nolah Signature 12″ Mattress with firmness 7-8
  4. Nolah Limited Edition 12″ Mattress with firmness 7-8

If you are a Side sleeper, firm support which comes from a strong foundation of mattress and stress reliever top comfort cushion (softer mattress) will allow your hips and shoulder to sink in more and provide more pressure relief on tho erence:(Firmness scale less than 5 not recommended for users with back pain) se areas. These are pressure points when you sleep on your side.

Based on your sleeping style, we suggest the following mattresses for softer firmness preference:(Firmness scale less than 5 not recommended for users with back pain)

  1. Nolah Signature 12″ Mattress with firmness 4-5
  2. Nolah Limited Edition 12″ Mattress with firmness 4-5
  3. Idle Gel Plush Mattress – with firmness 4.5-5.5

If your preference is a bit firmer mattress you should consider: (Highly recommend firmness scale 5-7 for users with back pain)

  1. Nolah Original 10″ Mattress with firmness 5-6
  2. Idle Gel Foam Mattress with firmness 5.5-7

When you are a warm or hot sleeper, Many Mattress features exclusive cooling technologies to keep you cool and comfortable- results in you waking up feeling refreshed.

If you are a warm or hot sleeper, consider Nolah AirFoam or Purple Grid mattresses. Again, please be advised that we do not recommend firmness scale below 5 for users with back conditions.

STEP 3: Pillow selection

Just as important as the rest of your bed, Pillow is often overlooked. If your neck and shoulders are not aligned and comfortable, you may still not achieve restful sleep. A matching pillow offers 15-25 % support to your body alignment, reduces pressure off your shoulder and keeps your head and neck straight. If you have neck pain, it is really important to support your neck and spine in an ideal way. Here is what a researcher says about ideal support – “Pillows are intended to support the head and neck in a neutral position to minimize biomechanical stresses on cervical structures whilst sleeping.”4 In simple words, you need to maintain the neutral c shape of your spine while sleeping and without stressing it. The same research suggests that latex pillows have helped reduce the symptoms of neck and shoulder pain compared to other pillow materials. It further concluded that feather pillows may result in greater likelihood of neck pain. Interestingly enough, the researchers suggested that contour foam pillow did not perform any better than normal foam pillow.4


STEP 4: Consider Life style/adjustable bases

Life style bases are commonly known as Adjustable Bases, Offer many health and modern life-style advantages. A few of them listed here :

  • A few back conditions may benefit from an adjustable base. You may want to support your back with a 30 to 45 angle. This may help to alleviate your back conditions.
  • Sleeping with elevated legs may help reduce swollen leg or feet condition
  • Doctors recommend head elevation for sleep apnea patients. Research concluded Mild HOBE(head-of-bed-elevation)5 significantly improves obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)
  • Elevated this position reduce snoring and help your partner to sleep better
  • Elevated bed helps to reduce acid reflux symptoms and improves blood circulation.

And many newer advanced Lifestyle bases provide massage features – who can ignore such a good treat to your overworked body. And, in this era of work from home, many professionals are tied to their office chairs for more than eight hours a day. Sitting in an inclined position with full body support can be more comfortable than the expensive office chairs. Watching Tv can be more fun with your inclined bed. And how much fun it can be to have your breakfast in a bed. We suggest you should give a thought to buying adjustable bases, along with your mattress purchase.

Check out these adjustable bases:

  1. Idle sleep – Here
  2. Nolah Sleep – Here
  3. Purple – Here